The New York jurys decision finding Dr Aafia guilty on seven charges did not really surprise anyone familiar with the vindictive mindset of the US public post-9/11. Yet as the trial progressed, some hope seemed to appear since most of the crucial evidence against her proved false or confused. There were no fingerprints on the gun allegedly used on the US soldiers for instance. Other accusations also proved inconsistent so one thought that perhaps the US citizens on the jury would not show the bias and bigotry shown to so many Muslims in the US post-9/11. But alas that was not to be. Despite serious doubts about the evidence - the most obvious one being her weak physical frame, which would never have allowed her to snatch the heavy gun and target the US soldier -the jury convicted her. But the main issue is that the Pakistani state and government were complicit in this judicial farce. They chose not to assert their right to demand Aafia be sent back to Pakistan. Since 9/11 it has been abundantly clear that the Pakistani rulers will not raise a finger to help the ordinary Pakistani citizen. In fact, they will sell their people for US dollars and allow all foreign powers to kill these innocent citizens at will. That is why the drone attacks continue to kill innocent Pakistani citizens and the state of Pakistan does nothing to stop these killings. That is why Pakistani citizens have disappeared and the state is unable or unwilling to alleviate the sufferings of the families of these persons. The Dr Aafia episode is a shame on the state of Pakistan and its leaders, including its present democratic ones - all of whom dare not take issue with the US even as it continues to mistreat, abuse and kill Pakistanis with impunity. Our ambassador to the US has failed to protect a Pakistani citizen and her rights and should be removed forthwith. Talks of appeals and so on are irrelevant. There can be no justice for Dr Aafia in the US and certainly not in the state of New York. Even though the perpetrators of 9/11 were not Pakistanis, we are the easiest scapegoats for America that is still vengeful and wants to make all Muslims pay for 9/11. Would it be too much to ask the Pakistani state to arrest the representatives of the US government and charge them with the murder of ordinary Pakistanis in FATA through drone attacks? Let our legal system also take its course. Perhaps the higher judiciary can take suo moto notice of what the Americans are doing to our citizens. International relations are based on reciprocity - and that is not always positive. It is time for the Pakistani nation to stand up for its rights and ensure that rulers represent them and not foreign interests. Until that happens, anyone of us can become an innocent victim like Dr Aafia Siddiqui.