ISLAMABAD - Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Sohail Ahmad, on Wednesday called for concerted efforts to improve the collection of revenue. Meeting the revenue collection target is a huge responsibility and we must pool and use all our resources to meet this challenge, he said in his address to a seminar organised by the HRM Wing of FBR on 'IP framework for effective business processes here on Wednesday. The Chairman emphasised the importance of IP and its contribution towards the performance of various FBR wings such as audit and enforcement. He announced similar seminars would be held in the coming days to gather feedback and break the disconnect between the Headquarters and Field Formations. The seminar was attended by the concerned FBR members, all Chief Commissioners from the Field Formations as well as Commissioners IP, DG (IMS), CEO (PRAL) and GM (PRAL) discussed a broad range of issues related with IP to identify a clear roadmap for better cross verification of information and broadening of tax base in the wake of functional and structural integration of domestic taxes within the FBR. CEO PRAL, DG (IMS) and Member Sales Tax & Federal Excise Tax also briefed the participants about the ongoing activities in the field and the actions required to be performed. The participants proposed removal of dormant NTNs, integration of all applications of Sales Tax and Income Tax, more training in Mahasil, & their different modules as well as specific software relevant to job descriptions. At the end, DG (HRM) thanked the participants for their valuable input and suggestions and assured that these suggestions would be sent to the concerned authorities for devising the future strategy.