ISLAMABAD - The media professionals on Wednesday in a meeting of Media Coalition Against Worst Form of Child Labour critically urged for conducting fresh child labour survey in order to realise the goals set in the national plan of action, as at present all planning is being done on the basis of 1997 child labour survey. The meeting was organised by the Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Federal Ministry of Information under a programme 'Activating Media in Combating Worst Form of Child Labour in Pakistan. Child labour is a socially and culturally accepted phenomenon and is widely spread in the country, therefore, public awareness is of extreme importance to mobilise public opinion and to bring a positive change towards this exploitation. The objective of the event was activating media in combating worst forms of child labour and transforming existing skills and knowledge into practice. The journalists from print, electronic and online media from Islamabad and Peshawar participated in the consultation. According to ILO in the year 2000, out of 245 million child labourers in the world, about 186 million child labourers were below the age of 15. More than two third i.e. 171 million children were estimated to be working in hazardous situation of condition. According to the only Children Labour Survey conducted in 1996 by the Federal Bureau of Statistics 3.3 million children (age5-14) are economically active, which is 8.3 per cent of total population of this age group. These figures do not include domestic child labourers, as it happen inside homes. Forty-six per cent of the children do labour work for more than normal 35 hours per week, children make up about 7 per cent of the total work force on the country. Seventy per cent of the working children work as unpaid family helpers in Agriculture sector. Participants on the occasion discussed that so far the government has adopted number of laws and policies, but like many other social regulations, enforcement of these laws is challenging. Active support from society at large and other stakeholders including media, employers and relevant government departments is essential for effective enforcement to eliminate child labour, they noted. Khalid Jamil from Aaj TV and Shafqat Munir, Editor Infochange News Agency spoke about story ideas and available media space and formats for writing stories and preparing TV reports on the issues involving children and the child labour. Shaista Malik from Journalists from Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) gave a briefing about joining Media Coalition online group and sharing of research, articles and story ideas online. While Zaheer Arif from ILO/Ministry of Information briefed the participants about the join project of ILO and Ministry of Information to take media on board in the fight against the worst forms of child labour. He give detailed presentation on project saying that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is implementing Activation Media in Combating Worst Forms of Child Labour with financial assistance from government of Norway through ILO. He said that the project interventions, efforts and outputs lead to its development objective, contribute to national efforts towards reducing and effectively eliminating worst forms of child labour in the country. For the broad development objective, he continued that the project pursues its immediate objectives to get wider and quality media coverage of child labour issues. Second phase of the project started in Aug206, and shall continue till April 2010. At the end of the meeting, Media Coalition and an email group on Googlegroup Media Coalition against Child Labour was informed to further interact and network with each other.