The people of Jammu Kashmir welcome the support shown to their freedom movement by the people and the government of Pakistan and would never accept the Indian presence on their soil.This was stated by the newly elected president of All Parties International Kashmir Coordination Committee UK (APIKCC) Dr Misfar Hassan who is also the convener of Liberation League UK, in his message on the eve of the Kashmir Solidarity Day.He said the use of brutal force by the India is a clear indication that it is the army that is real terrorists in Jammu Kashmir and not the indigenous inhabitants. People of Kashmir would not compromise on their unfettered right to self determination in a free and fair atmosphere, he said. Terming the recent killing of the young student Wamiq Farooq in Srinagar as an act of terrorism by the Indian authorities, he urged both the UN and the International community to take notice of this blunt use of state authority against innocent Kashmiris. Dr.Hasan further said that the people of Kashmir are fighting for their right to self determination and they will not give up this struggle until they achieve their freedom. Indian government has known this fact for last sixty three years but its politicians and policy makers are living in a state of denial, he added. Noting that people of Kashmir have time and again proved their wishes through peaceful and other means, he said the Indians are turning deaf ear to the popular demands of the people. The APKICC chief said the struggle of Kashmiri people will continue till the world and India accept their right to decide their future in a free and peaceful atmosphere. He further stated the sooner the popular demand of the people of Kashmir is accepted the better it would be for the regional and global peace and warned that the situation could escalate if India continues to use irrational force against the innocent indigenous people. Commenting on the solidarity day being observed by the people of Pakistan in support of the freedom movement of Kashmiris, he said the Pakistani people have lasting and strong relations with the Kashmiris and it is the political and moral support from Pakistan government that has proven vital in sustaining the freedom struggle of Kashmir. Welcoming the recent developments of moving a resolution in the Pakistan's National Assembly and the plan for a Kashmir centred media policy at the International level, Dr.Hasan this would boost the on going movement and would have a positive impact at all levels. On behalf of the Kashmiri Diaspora in the UK, he thanked the people and the government of Pakistan on showing their unrelenting support for the people of Kashmir in their freedom struggle.