A leading UK-based Kashmiri organisation in a letter addressed to the British Queen reminded her of the issue relating to the disputed Himalyan State and sought her support as the head of the 53-member Commonwealth to resolve the matter.In the correspondence to Queen Elizabeth, Justice Foundation Kashmir Centre said the Commonwealth Day will be observed next month but still the Kashmiri people in the State of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the Kashmiri Diasporas around the world wait in hope that the Kashmir issue will be resolved. We appear to be a thorn in the political side of international foreign policy, yet not regarded internationally and not found on international political agendas but I sincerely hope that we are not forgotten next month when the Commonwealth community gathers in London for their discussions and celebrations, said Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl in his letter. He stated that Kashmir lies at the core of the political morass between India and Pakistan who are both members of the Commonwealth community. Prof.Shawl pointed out that next month is an opportunity for the Commonwealth states to work diplomatically with both those countries to consider international facilitation towards resolving the Kashmir problem. At the heart of this great country is democracy, the right to be free from fear and the right to make choices and as Your Majesty presides over this coming Commonwealth Conference may the democratic countries of the Commonwealth recognise those rights for Kashmir and her peoples, he wrote.