Dr Bernadette Dean, Principal Kinnaird College, Lahore has said Mahatma Gandhi is her ideal. If she were a responsible citizen of Pakistan, as she claims to be, it is certainly incongruous that an enemy of Pakistan should be her ideal. As principal of an academic institution of Pakistan, she should know the fact that Gandhi was an obstinate, fork-tongued, unscrupulous, hypocrite, fraud and scoundrel. She shouldnt get unnecessarily worked up reading these epithets; they are not given by me or by any other Muslim. These titles were bestowed upon him by two Viceroys of India, a Prime Minister of England, the King-Emperor of India and an English Governor of Bombay. An English Commander-in-Chief and a lot of contemporary Hindus, Sikhs and Parsi leaders who directly observed him and worked with him also had the same feelings. If Gandhi is her ideal but was something like these titles suggest, she wouldnt wish to be like him, would she? This hypocrite was a blood-thirsty enemy of Pakistan. If he is Dr Deans ideal, she cannot claim to be very patriotic? -SAEED A. MALIK, Lahore Cantt, February 3.