ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Muhammad Gondal on Wednesday dispelled any shortage of food specially wheat in the country. Addressing a press conference, the Minister said that during current sowing season wheat cultivation in irrigated area was increased by 3 percent whereas rain-fed areas it decreased by 18 percent due to in-sufficient rains in the country. However, he said it would not create any big shortfall in the targeted production of wheat for 2009-10 as major output was achieved from the irrigated areas and ruled-out any fear of food shortage in the country. Besides, the minister said that good agri-practices were adopted by the farmers during current sowing season like DAP consumption was increased by 9 percent, urea fertilizers input also increased and farmers have also benefitted by using certified seeds. Gondal further said this year about 2 million tons of certified wheat seed was provided to the farmers to increase per hectare crop production which, he said would also help minimize the gap of targeted production. Replaying to a question, he said that about 3m tons surplus wheat is also available which would help strengthen the strategic reserves of the commodity. Nazar Gondal said that sufficient agri-inputs like DAP, urea and other pesticides were also available in the market whereas about 0.5 million tons of DAP was available to fulfill the domestic needs. The Minister for Food and Agriculture also informed that flour prices have come down by Rs.5 to Rs. 7/kg due to bumper wheat crop in the country and sufficient supply of wheat in the market. No shortage of flour was reported from any part of the country, he remarked. About sugar prices, the minister said that about 3.2 million tons of sugar would be produced as against 4.1m tons domestic need. About 1.2m tons of the commodity would be imported by TCP for overcoming the shortage. The minister said that sugar prices in local market increased due to high international prices of the commodity in the international market. Nazar Gondal said that lower income group is being provided sugar at control price and reduced prices through Utility Stores as compared to the open market. The minster said that govt was determined to promote agri-sector by building new dams for irrigation and to enhance storage capacity for crops by spending Rs.37b.