PORT AU PRINCE (AFP) - Hundreds of desperate Haitians protested in the quake-devastated capital Wednesday amid soaring frustration at lingering bottlenecks in aid distribution, triggering fears of unrest. Scores of people living in makeshift camps since the January 12 earthquake streamed into the streets to demonstrate near the mayors office in Petionville, AFP reporters saw. People were demanding food, water and work, and for their children to be able to go back to school, as security conditions deteriorated after the worst recorded natural disaster in the Americas, which killed 170,000 people. The Haitian government has done nothing for us, it has not given us any work. It has not given us the food we need, said Sandrac Baptiste, one of scores of people living for more than three weeks in squalid conditions in a tent city of sheets propped up on sticks. Shots were heard during the night, and there appeared to be growing hostility to the presence of foreign reporters and photographers. Only a few police could be seen in the streets. In Petionville, southeast of the capital and home to many upper middle class Haitians, one man screamed that he was ready to fight, as the group of about 300 gathered to demonstrate in the Saint Pierre square. If the police fire on us, we are going to set things ablaze, one of the protestors shouted. We dont want journalists here, another demonstrator shouted at photographers covering the protest. The 7.0-magnitude quake left much of the capital in ruins and more than a million people homeless. The government of President Rene Preval has also been crippled, unable to take a high-profile role in getting badly-needed aid to its people, with most public buildings destroyed in the quake. And while the aid operation led by the United Nations has made some strides it has so far not put in place a massive food and water distribution program able to meet the needs of most or all victims of the disaster. One photographer was robbed at knifepoint on Tuesday, when three men made off with some cash. While another group of reporters noticed that a man appeared to be roaming their hotel asking for the room numbers of foreign guests.