This is with reference to the recent statement of federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik to the media that investigations have been concluded in the Ashura blast and other terrorism incidents that took place during Moharram and the police and law-enforcement agencies have arrested suspects who have links with Jundullah, Tehrik-e-Taliban and Al-Qaeda. That, once again, clearly proves that these terrorist organizations, who are asking for sympathy and support from innocent people of Pakistan in the name of anti-American jihad, are actually involved in the heinous crime of sectarian killings. A lot of many learned people are supporters of these groups because they deceive people in the name of Jihad against imperialism. Actually from inside, they are destroying the social fabric of Pakistan that is cut from the strands of tolerance for all and liberty of rights for every sect and religion. I appeal to the nation not to become supporters of these terrorists who are devouring our country from inside like termites, making it vulnerable for outside forces who are out full force to destroy Pakistan. -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, February 1.