KARACHI - Water expert and former Chairman Technical Committee on water resources ANG Abbasi has demanded to immediately scrape Hydropower plant project at Chashma-Jehlum link canal on Indus River, saying that 1991 water accord doesnt allow construction of any project without fulfilling existing needs of irrigation in the country. Addressing to a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Wednesday, he also opposed the construction of small dams in the country, saying that these are more harmful than big projects like Kalabagh Dam. He also termed that small dams are without formulating the rules and regulation, there will be difficult to operate the small dams in large quantity. President Sindh Chamber of Agriculture Syed Nadeem Qamar, former Senator Qazi Abdul Majeed, Akhund Ghulam Muhammad and other grower leaders were also present in the press conference. They regretted that in spite of all efforts, Water Accord 1991 is not being followed in true letter and spirit with the result that Sindh is the worst sufferer of all the four provinces. Instead of following the unanimously signed Water Accord, a further blow to Sindh Agriculture is planned by construction of a Hydropower station by a private party with active support of Punjab Government at the tail of Chashma-Jhelum Link, they said, adding that by construction of this Hydropower station, the CJ Link will be run throughout the year which is against the very concept for which this canal was constructed, and this project will adversely affect supplies to Sindh province in times of shortages. 'We oppose this move and demand the Federal government to intervene and scrap the Hydropower station at the tail of Chashma Jehlum Link canal, they demanded. They reminded that the Sindh Assembly has already passed a unanimous resolution against this Hydropower station. Besides experts, Civil Society and Agriculture community has already vehemently opposed this unjustified project. We totally support Sindh Government in its efforts to oppose this project. They further said that the demand of water by the province of Sindh is its right and we are not asking for Khariat (begging), and we are only asking for our due share of water. The water expert and grower leader warned that the Pakistan is on the verge of becoming water shortage country, thanks to the Indus water treaty of 1960 under which three eastern rivers with annual average inflow of 33 MAF were gifted to India on a silver platter, though their (India) legitimate share was only 8 to 10 MAF. Besides, India was entitled to develop agricultural land in the area of nearly 1.35 million acres. They reminded the rulers that in 1991 the water accord was signed among the four province of Pakistan during Nawaz Sharif government, adding that though, Sindh province had reservations about this accord even at that time, but now it has not been implemented since 2000. They said that though the water shortage formula indicated in the accord is quite clear, specifies and unambiguous. The actual distribution done by IRSA during shortages since 1999-2000 is being done in a arbitrary manner on the basis of so called Historic Use Formula, under this arrangement the provinces of NWFP and Balochistan have been exempted form sharing the shortages, while Punjab gets even more than their full share of water during the shortages. Sindh is the only province that suffers the shortages in the entire river system, which is clearly a violation of the water accord. Moreover, the recent development to build Hydropower station of 44MW at the Chashma Jehlum Link Canal is a sheer violation of water accord, they claimed, adding that in fact the Chashma Jehlum Link Canal is neither a perennial canal nor a flood canal. It is in fact a linked canal between the water system and this has only to be filled when there is enough water downstream Kotari up to 10 MAF. However, the idea of putting a small power project has ultra-motive actually the western interest wants to run this canal on round the year basis as Punjab Government has already admitted that this canal was functional for then month, they alleged.