This is with reference to Zarah Nasirs article in which she had lamented the abysmal conditions in the country that go against promoting tourism (February 1). Her friend from abroad who visited her suspected a terrorist behind every bend of the road, every roadblock and every bush and brush. Ms Nasir should have reminded her friend of who was primarily responsible for such a situationUnited States and Britain. Before the phoney War on Terror began in the region, the country used to attract a fair bit of tourists, particularly mountaineering expeditions that came in their droves from all over the world. The white race has a serious problem; it suffers from a deep-seated superiority complex. The white mans sport of terror, terror has damaged the entire fabric of our society and that is what Ms Nasirs friend has sardonically grumbled about. Would she care to explain what are ten thousand troops from her country doing in Afghanistan? The hardship of security checks and road blockades that we experience every day while taking our children to schools and bringing them back are the consequence and fallout of the war her country has launched in our neighboring Afghanistan. And, then, look who is talking -MEHRAN LEGHARI, Lahore, February 2.