RAWALPINDI (APP) - The City Traffic Police Rawalpindi issued 73,025 tickets and collected Rs. 13.24 million in fine during the month of January. Some 944 vehicles were impounded for committing severe traffic rules violations and 1945 drivers were booked for using mobile phone while driving, Chief Traffic Officer, SSP Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Abbas said in a press statement here on Wednesday. The newly established no parking squads issued 11,589 tickets to drivers hampering traffic flow, while two persons were fined for using illegal lights, he said. Dr Abass said a special campaign was launched during January to check over-speeding and 153 drivers were found guilty. The police also took action against 2978 drivers for violating traffic signals. He said 15,253 cab drivers were fined for committing various traffic law violations. They were issued 727 tickets for having no route permit, 846 for having no driving license, 163 for having no registration book, 74 for having no vehicle fitness certificate, whereas 25 taxis were impounded. The other vehicle drivers violations include: 2010 vehicles were found without headlights, 1619 drivers were found keeping tinted glasses, 308 were found driving dangerously, 113 were found using pressure horns, 187 drivers were found underage, 1226 drivers were found violating the route permits and 89 drivers were found not using seat belt. Dr Abass said the traffic police have also started a campaign to check unauthorised number plates, tinted glasses, over loading and revolving lights during which 15,841 vehicles had been booked so far.