LAHORE - Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer-ud-Din has said the unanimous approval of National Finance Commission Award was really good, but the Punjab government should inform about its steps for those standing in the queues for flour and sugar. Speaking at the assembly floor after the speech of Leader of the House on Wednesday, Zaheer said he was expecting from the CM, who came to the House after almost one and a half year, to start his speech from the measures taken by the Punjab government to resolve the problems of the masses. When Zaheer started his speech, MPAs started approaching the CM for the resolution of their problems. In the meantime the opposition repeatedly requested the Speaker to maintain order in the House as Leader of the Opposition was delivering his speech. The Speaker asked Zaheer to cut his speech short, saying that the CM had to go to Data Darbar to participate in Urs celebrations. Ch Zaheer said that actually the MPAs get no chance or time to see the CM and now they got an opportunity to have their problems resolved. He said he requested the CM to regularly join the House proceedings and give time to the MPAs. Referring to the speech of Shahbaz Sharif, Ch Zaheer said that the Punjab CM talked about everything except the problems of people of the province. He said that the CM had not represented the province properly in meetings for NFC Award. He said that the CM should have raised issue of Kalabagh Dam during the meetings. He said that lawlessness was on its peak and the masses were facing escalating prices of essential commodities. He said that as far as the dictators were concerned, one dictator held elections, which were won by the PMLQ. He said that the same person held last elections in which the current government was elected. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif was Finance Minister when General Zia-ul-Haq was the President. He said that Nawaz also remained as Punjab CM during Zia-ul-Haq regime. He said that the last government did nothing about the NFC Award because it said that it would not be comprising on the rights of the people of Punjab weather the Award was announced or not. He said that they were caring for Baloch people residing in Balochistan, but they should also care for those Baloch who were residing in DG khan and Rajanpur. In the meantime, the Punjab CM left the House. At this, Zaheer said that he would deliver his speech at some other time when the Punjab CM would be present. The opposition staged a walk out to protest against departure of the CM without listening the speech of the opposition leader.