ISLAMAABD - Declaring 2011 as export year, Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim Thursday said that the countrys export would surpass the target of 10 per cent increase and would go to $ 22 billion during the current fiscal year 2010-11. Exports grew by 21 per cent in the first six months (July-December) of this fiscal year with textile sector leading the growth with an increase of 25 per cent. We are expecting that this trend will continue in the following months and we will surpass the export target of 10 per cent increase for the year 2010-11, said Fahim while addressing a press conference on Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2009-2013. Secretary Commerce Zafar Mahmood on the occasion said that the government would add further eight items for trade with India, and in this regard a list of commodities had been sent to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet for approval. However he did not specify the eight items. Meanwhile, the government decided to include seventeen other items in the trade list of the country. Zafar Mahmood said that Pakistan was in a position to export wheat and the government would increase the exports of vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products after their value addition. The government decided to constitute Federal Export Development and Promotion Board, which would be represented by the officials of provincial governments and private sector apart from representatives of the federal agencies, he said and added that this board would give proposals and suggestions to enhance the exports, and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) would implement the proposals. The secretary commerce further said that US delegation had assured Pakistan that bill of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (RoZs) would be approved from the American Congress this year. Meanwhile Pak-Afghan Transit Trade would be functional from February 12. Pakistan would mainly focus on trade with China, adding Beijing had agreed on the tariff line concession on 286 items for Pakistani exporters. Amin Fahim said, The Prime Minister assured us that finance ministry will release funds for commerce ministry to increase the exports under Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2009-2013. The finance ministry did not release a single penny while it had to give Rs 27 billion in three years. The secretary commerce on the occasion said that commerce ministry needed Rs 5 billion on urgent basis. On a question, the commerce minister said that decision of importing used cars would not affect the local auto industry. The prices of cars were enhanced because spare parts prices went up in the international market, he further added. The ministry of commerce would also give a detailed briefing to the Cabinet on 9th February 2011 regarding its future plan.