Unfortunately, the country seems to be sinking inch by inch in a stormy ocean of corruption. Every common Pakistani is extremely nervous about the very survival of his motherland. He is horrifically scared that if the motherland did expire, he would be condemned to live as a political orphan for the rest of his life. Our national corruption is the creation of a very complicated technology. The technology seems to be as complicated as the technology of the atomic bomb. The ordinary Pakistani is absolutely incapable of learning even the ABC of this technology. Only extraordinary Pakistanis are capable of acquiring mastery over the technology. Incidentally, some extraordinary Pakistanis have already acquired command over the technology and they have been using it passionately round-the-clock. No wonder, the countrys breathing apparatus is miserably malfunctioning. Corruption is not specific to Pakistan. Corruption is an international Demon. The Demon has its business affairs in every country of the world. But the degree of corruption varies from country to country. In some countries, the Demons activities are negligible. In some other countries, it is doing moderate business. But in most of the countries of the East, it is doing phenomenally flourishing business. Unfortunately, Pakistan belongs to the third category. Corruption and Pakistan have become synonymous. If in a particular country, the Demon finds it hard to operate, it curses its rulers. But if in some country it is absolutely free to operate as it fancies to operate, it expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the rulers and prays to the Devil for a long life of the rulers. In almost every eastern country, the rulers are corruption-addicts. They regard looting the countrys wealth as their national obligation. The masses are granted full freedom to live on starvation and starvation-related diseases. For security reasons, the rulers keep their looted wealth in foreign banks. The banks regard it as their moral duty to keep their lips sealed about the black wealth. The rulers confidence deepens. They loot more money and keep pouring it into the foreign banks. Corruption is a very shrewd creature. It knows that in order to thrive in a country, it must first corrupt the rulers. Once the rulers are corrupted, corruption acquires sovereignty over the country. Now the rulers can remain rulers only if they keep obeying corruptions commands. Under most of the eastern democracies, the rulers are phenomenally affluent and the masses are phenomenally miserable. In a country where corruption is the ruler, democracy is a goldmine for the rulers and Dantes hell for the masses. If the masses under a democracy are miserable, they can get rid of their misery only by killing such a democracy. But if they cant kill it, they shouldnt mind being killed by it. Our corruption axes the Quaids Pakistan into two parts. Unfortunately, the axe seems to be sharpening itself for a second hit. The masses are missing their heartbeats. But our corruption is laughing. The creation of Pakistan was the Quaids greatest gift to us. The splitting of Pakistan was our greatest gift to the Quaid. Pakistan has numerous industries. Each industry is subject to rise and fall. Sometimes some industry progresses and then declines. But by a stroke of good luck it soon recovers and re-progresses. The two processes of rise and fall, and fall and rise happen to all the industries. But there is a unique industry which has never known decline. It has eternally been progressing and progressing at the speed of a missile. It is our corruption. The European Union (EU) has said that corruption is the biggest problem of Pakistan. The EUs ignorance is pitiable. It should know that corruption is not at all our problem. On the contrary, corruption is our very life-blood. It is our identity. Currently, Pakistan is one of the corruptest countries. But the way things are going, we are confident that we would soon clinch the top position. Once a Pakistani President declared that he would exterminate corruption. Poor President He did not know that corruption cannot be exterminated. It can only be alleviated. There has never been such a thing as an absolutely corruption-free country. Only graveyards are corruption-free. Probably, the President unconsciously wanted to transmute the country into a graveyard. The writer is an academic.