These days I come across many surveys asking the reader to vote whether the scenario in Egypt is reminiscent of Pakistan. The results reveal an overwhelming response that the state of affairs, are quite similar. I believe the compatibility between the two states carry as much discord as the finding that both Earth and Venus are sister planets. Indisputably both countries share a history of unparalleled poverty, unemployment, corruption, social evils, political turmoil and the search for elusive peace. In Pakistan, where we are blessed with rights to express ourselves and have a backup recourse to a proper judicial process, the same cannot be said about the non-democratic Egypt. A country where both freedom and justice are in short supply, it delivers severe punishments to anyone having breathed a word against its President. Its people have been tormented by years of openly rigged elections and have miserably witnessed the gap between the rich and poor widen before their very eyes. Mr. Mubarak is widely disliked for his relations with the West and Israel but has managed to maintain stability and economic development. Pakistan unfortunately has fallen into self- proclaimed democratic hands time and again. These hands have ripped the country to shreds whenever self-interest demanded. Unlike Egypt we have ended up with an injured state that struggles daily for its very existence on the map of the world. Terrorism, corruption, lack of resources, over population, poverty name it we have it Scientists believe that Earth and Venus started out sharing similar atmospheres. The accumulation of heat and carbon dioxide within the atmosphere of Venus choked the celestial body to death I wonder with fear what is it that makes the situation of the sister planets so similar to that of Egypt and Pakistan. BARRISTER MOBEEN IMRAN SHAH, UK, February 3.