Tahrir Square filled again with vast crowds of anti-government demonstrators Friday, demanding for the 11th day the immediate ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Friday's gathering was calm and orderly, without the beatings, bloodshed and widespread arrests of foreign journalists and observers that had horrified the world the day before. After standing in long lines to pass through security checkpoints, thousands upon thousands of Egyptians entered the vast, open square and performed the weekly Friday prayers, kneeling and prostrating themselves in accordance with the muezzin's call. Nearby, soldiers on duty kept watch. The army presence seemed substantially bigger outside the square than it had been earlier in the week, with soldiers maintaining a tight security perimeter and patrolling on rooftops of nearby buildings. When the huge throngs finished praying, they began to chant. "Leave Leave" The cry rose up like an earthquake. Organizers have dubbed Friday the "Day of Departure," in hopes that, finally, their protests would succeed in compelling Mubarak to leave.