ISLAMABAD - Urging the parliamentarians to stand up against the wrong decisions of their leaders, PML-N lawmaker Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Thursday warned the country's leadership of a strong public reaction if they did not change their policies. "Pakistani leaders say that the situation in Pakistan and Egypt is not the same and we have a democratic system and they lack democracy. But I would be happy if they are right as the situation in Pakistan is even bitter than Egypt and overlooking the situation in Egypt is not be appropriate", he said and added that the issues of third world countries were the same. Amid desk thumping by MNAs, he urged the lawmakers to display courage to stand up against their leaders' wrong decisions. "People have elected you for the resolutions of their problems but the scared members keep themselves silent in the House that is destroying the image of Parliament and causing disappointment to the countrymen. Be a rebel in your parties for the sake of this country," he said. He said that if they did not take a stand then there would be no assembly. He added that their leadership should be afraid of them before doing something wrong. Coming down hard on the country's political leadership, Hashmi said that they had shifted their businesses abroad and they had nothing in Pakistan. "This is an occupied Pakistan and who will give rights to our children. If someone thinks that he is running the country, he is wrong. Collective wisdom is the only solution to our problems," he said. Admitting of being labeled as rebel, Javed Hashmi said that he respected the leadership but they should not use this nation for their own objectives. He said that despite presence of a number of leaders in the country, the situation was worsening day-by-day and the reason behind it that the leader were not following the national agenda but working on the directives of the US. "Our leadership remains ready to bow in front of US official," Hashmi said. "If you don't speak against your leadership then there would be no assembly. You (MPs) will be replaced by others, as your silence is harmful for this country," he told the MPs. "When Nawaz Sharif came to see me during my illness, I told him that when somebody enters into politics, it becomes his prime responsibility to serve the people. I will defeat the death to join a leader who will give rights to the people", Hashmi told the House. As he finished the speech, a number of parliamentarians, who have been thumping desks throughout his speech, gathered around him and commended him over his brave and courageous speech. Earlier, Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi requested the Prime Minster to direct the law minister to remain present in the House during legislation as the House was facing problems in this regard.