Inspector General of Police Islamabad, Wajid Ali Durani has said corruption in police will not be tolerated and the police force will be increased to ensure more security in the Federal Capital. According to press release issued here on Friday, he said this while addressing at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry thanked ICCI and Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt) Ltd. on distributing cheque to the policemen on their excellent performance and said it would boost their morale and confidence. IG said that security was one of the biggest challenges and during his term, measures will be taken for the safety of the public.The police was revising it patrolling plan to put a check on increased crime ratio and more police force will be deployed on the peripheries of the Federal Capital to ensure tight security. In and out flow of vehicles will be strictly monitored at all entry and exit points in the city to stop car stealing, he maintained. Durani was of the view that community policing was a two-way process and with community cooperation police could do its work in a better way. Responding to a proposal of forming Citizen Police Liaison Committee, he said that CPLCs in other cities came up with good results, and assured it's established in the Islamabad. He passed on the instructions that at checkpoints and barriers policemen should not check vehicle papers and must only concentrate to monitor the movement of suspected persons to avoid happen any untoward incident. The President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mahfooz Elahi in his welcome address emphasized on the need of forming Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) like in other cities in the country. He underlining its importance and said that through private sector participation, Committee would help in reducing crimes and providing more protection to the business community. He said that crime rate in the Federal Capital was lesser than other cities of Pakistan, and highly appreciated the role of Police in quick recovery stolen stuff in the incident of robbery at the residence of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, CEO of Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt) Ltd. The police did a marvelous job and apprehended all the culprits, which was commendable, Elahi said. The President ICCI said that security has been one of the major issues in the country, which needs to be further improved using modern technology. He said that in the Federal Capital latest equipment, scanners and cameras must be installed at important checkpoints and barriers to stop the entry terrorists in the city. He was of the view that commuter face lots of problems due to small passage on the entry and exits check points, and said that along with using modern technology some reengineering was required to be done for easy outflow of traffic. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, speaking at this occasion greatly acknowledging the performance of police said that administration and police had extended great cooperation in apprehending the culprits. He said that criminals were caught from different cities in a short time that demonstrates excellent performance of police.Confidence and trust of the people have improved on police due to its improved working, he added. At the end Wajid Ali Durani, I.G. distributed cheques to Bashir Noon, DSP CIA, Naeem Iqbal, DSP, Muhammd Athar, SI CIA, Abdul Hafeez, ASI CIA, Azhar Mahmood, ASI CIA.