LAHORE The existence of just one-judge consumer court in Lahore, a city of some eight million inhabitants, has even disturbed the lawyers practicing in the court. They have even urged the higher authorities to release funds to improve the conditions there and set up more such courts, in the face of more and more complaints against the manufacturers. The lawyers who plead the damages suits in the court praised the concept of the consumer courts, first surfaced at the Geneva Convention by the representatives of multinational companies who agreed and proposed the making of such courts for maintaining the quality of products and improving their services for the consumers. They said it was not easy to prove the defectiveness and faulty service of any company that causes loss to the consumers. The loss may be financial, mental, or sometimes, of life when it comes to the faults in eatable products, they added. Commenting on the bad conditions at the court, Consumer Court Registrar Asif Ali said: How is it possible for a single-man court to deal with all those suits being filed by the consumers of Lahore? There is no proper building and other facilities for the court staff. Even the judge has to use the public lavatory. The Apex Court as well as the Lahore High Court should pay attention to redress the situation and more funds should be released for the court, he said. He demanded at least one more consumer court so that the suits could be decided timely. Waseem Ahmed advocate said: Reconciliation is also a better option between the complainants (consumers) and the respondents (manufacturers). Usually judges have no reservations in this regard. But it has a disadvantage as well, as after the reconciliation the producers of eatables would continue their practice of supplying unhygienic food items to the market. A court clerk revealed that last year about 681 suits were filed in the consumer court.