ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the inspectors general of police (IGP) of all the provinces to provide complete details of the missing persons registered in their respective provinces. A four-member bench, headed by Justice Javed Iqbal and comprising Justice Raja Fayyaz Ahmed, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali and Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, was hearing the cases of missing persons. During the proceeding, a relative of a missing person complained that though they had evidence about their loved one, police had refused to register a case. Justice Javed directed the IGPs to register those cases where evidence was available, adding if that did not happen then the IGP of that area would be held responsible. Chairperson Defence of Human Right (DHR) and Public Service Pakistan, Amna Masood Janjua, while pleading her case started weeping. She said that they had been making efforts for the last five years for the recovery of their dear ones but they did not succeed so far. She said, They could not afford litigation against the intelligence agencies but simply want that they (agencies) return our dear ones to us. Justice Javed said that they did realise their feelings but there was difference between emotions and legal aspects. Amna requested the court to take action against the concerned officials. Justice Javed Iqbal said they wanted to take action but if missing persons were not recovered then what was the use of taking action. He said it was also the mission of this court that all the missing persons were recovered. He said one day they would hear only chronic cases where evidence was available and for that he fixed next Thursday. Additional Attorney General K K Agha informed the court that a day ago the police had recovered one missing person from Waziristan. The honourable judge remarked why that person was taken to a so far location. The AAG also told the court that the government was planning to set up a tribunal for the recovery of missing persons. Justice Javed said they did not have any objection regarding that but the court would do it own work. Hashmat Habib, senior advocate of the Supreme Court, said that assigning the cases of missing persons to tribunal would be another tactic to delay the matter. He said the Judicial Inquiry Commission had spent over four months but recovered less than 1 per cent missing persons. Amna said that the commission had taken their help but did not inquire from the spymasters regarding the missing persons. The case was adjourned till February 10, 2011.