LAHORE Against the backdrop of the Raymond Davis shooting incident that took place in the heart of Punjab and shook every nook and cranny of the country, the provincial government has told the Centre in unequivocal terms that the presence of 'an active US spying network is unacceptable to the province. Sources said the Punjab government has told the Federation that unrestricted movement of US 'special contractors attached to the American consulate in Lahore could not be allowed at any cost. Yes, we have conveyed to the federal government that foreign nationals must follow the set code particularly after the Raymond Davis incident as the public sentiment runs high here, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah confirmed to The Nation on Thursday. However, he clarified that the Punjab government has not asked the Centre to extradite US nationals, including Raymond Davis. We are reviewing the situation at our level, Rana said while referring to the presence of US agents openly operating in the province. We have told the federal government that the US nationals must inform the local administration prior to their movement, the law minister said, adding the step would help ensure their safety and security as the anti-US sentiment is growing. To a question, Sana said that US officials were still reluctant in handing over the men and the consulates vehicle wanted to the police in the shooting case. We have also forwarded a reminder to the Foreign Office in this regard. We are waiting for the federal governments reply, Rana maintained. Rana also admitted that the US nationals are residing in rented bungalows in posh areas, including Cantonment and Defence. This is an open secret now. We are evaluating the situation very seriously, he added. Security pundits said that such absolute liberty provided to the US agents in the country is against the national interest. They (the Americans) are crossing lines. The Raymond episode reveals our national interest is at stake, said a police and defence expert, requesting anonymity. He said that the officials of US special forces are roaming the City roads with technology-fitted vehicles, bearing fake number plates. They are also carrying illegal sophisticated weapons. Can a Pakistani think of such kind of independence in Washington, he enthused. Meanwhile, police investigators Thursday recoded traffic wardens and other eyewitnesses statement in the Mozang shooting case. Hundreds of US spies linked to notorious Blackwater agency, LLC and other private security companies are carrying out a secret agenda in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. Most of them are here on the pretext of providing security to US installations after the Pakistani embassy issued them special multiple visas last year in haste, without fulfilling legal and diplomatic prerequisites. Raymond Davis, the so-called US consular employee, is facing multiple criminal charges ranging from keeping illegal arms to double murder. The police have registered three separate FIRs in this regard, including one under section 13/20/65 of the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) for possessing illegal weapons. The police arrested the US national when he was fleeing from a crime scene after shooting dead two Pakistanis on January 27. Another US consulate vehicle that set out for Raymonds help crushed a third man to death and injured over a dozen others on the way. The driver along with three other US nationals managed to flee the scene and enter the US consulate.