This refers to the news item ‘Panchayat returns, orders gang-rape’ on Jan 31. It was very saddening to read such news. What kind of a society do we live in? A country where there is no rule of law. There is total anarchy in the society. How many more incidents have to happen for us to wakeup. Eleven years ago, Mukhtar Mai was ordered to be gang raped by the so called reckless ‘Panchayat’. Had action been taken then maybe incidents could have been avoided. Adding insult to injury, there were some so called liberal people, who alleged that such ladies are rapped who look for cheap publicity. The people in Pakistan are so busy in their own personal lives as they have many economic problems, coupled with the security issues, that they have become indifferent to such situations.

They tend to accept everything. I was really upset when I read this news. A sister was asked to be gang raped by the ‘Panchayat’ a supposedly group of elders, because her brother had a relationship with some woman and the husband of that woman wanted justice and this was justice according to our culture or our religion? This is sheer atrocity a crime in itself if I may say so against everything decent. Quick and harsh action must be taken against the people who sit in such ‘Punchayats’ and they should be banned completely. If we ignore this once again we may see many more such incidents against humanity.


Karachi, January 31.