Pak-US relations appear to be the same as they were, America used to play foul with previous rulers of Pakistan as well. When Ayub Khan, soon after coming into power declared being pro-America. While addressing the American Congress in 1961 he expressed very excitedly, “Pakistan is the only country in Asia, which allows its lands for American army to stay and defend the Free World” (Capitalist-Imperialist Bloc). Before that in 1959 a few months after coming into power, President Ayub Khan had allowed America to establish a secret airport at Peshawar near Budabeer. The contract was kept secret and even Pakistanis didn’t know about it. This airport was actually a headquarters of the CIA. U2 Planes flew from there to collect secret reports from Russian.

Americans were assured by Ayub Khan that the U2 planes fly so high that the Russians could not locate them but this was proved wrong when one was shot down by Russia. The Russian Air Force dropped a U2 and arrested the pilot ‘Garry Powers’. Garry opened his mouth and revealed all the secret deals regarding involvement of Pakistan in the matter. The incident led Russia to plan moving into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Russian government also threatened marking Peshawar as a red area to be attacked if needed and that if Pakistan allowed the American planes to land on her territory, then Pakistan would have to face the consequences.

If we look at America in the scenario of the old incidents, we see that America still wants to see Russia divided into small pieces. Russia is the only country on the face of the globe which is still an important powerful country which can defy America. America can’t achieve the status of the only world-super-power till they break Russia into small pieces. America is after this policy and working on it till now. The Asian passage is the only viable and economical passage to get near to Russia otherwise a vast sea comes in between the two. America wants to come here through all the countries in the way to attack Russia just to safeguard her interests as the only super power.

If we just talk of Pakistan, she had numerous opportunities to escape from the clutches of American but American government didn’t let Pakistan slip by continuously providing monetary aid, hidden and upfront. She has strengthened her grip on Pakistani politics as it is the only open passage which America has used multiple times and still use and will continue using to keep her feet entrenched firmly in Asia soil.


London, January 29.