Education plays an important role in the development of any society and it is a pillar on which a society stands. Education is important for both genders. Islam emphasises attaining knowledge, this can be understood simply by the first word taught to our holy Prophet (SAW) by Allah which was ‘Iqra’ which means read. The first commandment given to Muslims was to read, and reading is a part of acquiring of knowledge. This has been highlighted directly and indirectly in over five hundred places in the holy Quran as an essential duty and responsibility of all Muslims. Acquisition of knowledge is binding on all Muslims without any discrimination. Narrated by Ibnmaja in AI-Sunan, here, it would be worthwhile to quote the example of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) the  most educated female Muslims. She is probably the best role model for all Muslim women looking to acquire education. She was a scholar, hadith narrator, jurist as well as a great intellectual. The numerous companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to ask Hazrat Ayesha (RA) questions pertaining to Islamic Shariah after the passing of the holy Prophet. Islam gives equal right to education for women so it is important that our women are educated.


Lahore, January 29.