Terrorism has now reached Sindh province. Shikarpur was rocked by the deadly terrorist attack on Friday in a mosque, which killed 60, and many are reported to be in critical condition and dozens maimed. The Prime Minister was in the provincial capital, but as usual he was busy with his photo sessions and exchanging pleasantries with people of his own flock and enjoying lunches. The provincial and federal governments’ response was lukewarm, it seemed as nothing had happened in that part of the country. It is apt to note here, that Shikarpur is the only ill-fated district in Sindh, which has received more than 200 dead bodies and hundreds maimed and mutilated in two gruesome incidents including a bus inferno last month and suicidal bomb blast now. This irrational attitude of the ruling elite and the political parties does not augur well for the country at this hour when we are in the state of war.


Islamabad, January 31.