I would like to say that the price control mechanism in Punjab is an unmitigated failure, as PC Magistrates and regional transport officials, are nowhere to be seen. Helpless masses are milked by transport mafia mercilessly. Despite a considerable slash in petrol and diesel prices, not a single rupee has been reduced in transport fares. Edibles are being sold at the old prices with immunity. Lawlessness abounds, as highhandedness and overcharging go unchecked. I would like to ask our political elite, who will save the hapless public from being swindled by these people? I volunteer myself to be appointed as special magistrate for checking transport fares according to fares table and regularising prices of edibles in Sheikhupura district.

Whereas All regulatory authorities in Punjab stand indicted of gross dereliction of their official duties and have become a great drain on the exchequer as well and the PC magistrates have miserably failed in discharging their duties vis-a-vis checking of artificial price hikes and overcharging of transport fares. There must be some honest and  educated people who can appointed as special magistrates for ensuring checks and balances in the above situations.


Sheikhupura, January 31.