The World Wetlands Day was observed in Azad Jammu Kashmir while a grand ceremony was held at the Fun & Family Park in Mirpur as hallmark of the day.

The ceremony was hosted by the AJK Wild Life and Fisheries Department to observe the day in a befitting manner. Addressing the ceremony, speakers including Secretary Wildlife and Fisheries Department of AJK government Ch. Munir Hussain, Director of the department Ch. Muhammad Razaq and others emphasized the need for collective efforts to ensure safety and protection of the wildlife’s considering them a precious gift of the nature.

They also stressed for holding of ceremonies to raise awareness among the masses especially the hunters about the wetlands and the migrating birds especially those flying from Siberia in every winter.

The ceremony was largely attended by eminent icons representing diverse segments of the civil society, students and the academicians of various local schools and colleges.

World wetland day is celebrated every year all across the world to commemorate the Convention on Wetlands. It was held on February 2, 1971 in the city of Ramsar, Iran at the Caspian Sea coasts. It was celebrated for the first time in 1997.