Crime rate in the district rose in January this year as compared to the month of December 2015.

The district police in January registered 4 murder, 6 attempt to murder, 20 kidnapping, 34 theft, and 3 robbery cases taking place in different police stations. Increasing number of kidnapping of women are the worst that have drawn serious concern of public. There may be many more incidents reported, which police might have not registered to conceal their poor performance.

It may be mentioned that claims by police to have ended its old culture are false and their conduct and behaviour is still coercive and suppressible, local people said.

“The citizens fear to enter police stations for registering complaints. One has to seek a tout or some influential person’s help to approach police. Even genuine relief can’t be obtained without greasing the palm of police officials. And if some one dares to complain to higher authority against negligence of the police official, the police turn against such complainanant and teaches him lesson. Influential s and those having political backing hardly are proceeded against for violating law,” they said.

People of the area have urged government to reform police for the sake of protecting innocent citizens from cruelty of police officials and doing justice while dealing with grieved public.