People belonging to various segments of the society have strongly condemned the clash between PIA employees and security forces that resulted in death of three strikers and injuries to several other employees.

They expressed grief and sorrow over the death of employees and demanded of the government to adopt retrenchment policy to save PIA from continuing financial losses. They said that government has failed to exercise control over different national institutions like PIA, Railways, health and education departments. Due to lack of accountability, these institutions have turned strong enough to challenge writ of government for acceptance of their fair or unfair demands by way of resorting to strikes and protests, they said. Most of the staff in these departments are enrolled on intercession of political leaders and no merit is considered, they said.

They urged the government to stop political interference in public departments and fill vacant posts with qualified persons on merit. The best remedy to rein in government employees is to punish them when they violate service rules and start inciting each other to launch strikes and protests against government, they said.

All those inducted in government service on political grounds should be removed from service for the sake of making institutions efficient, they demanded. If proper measures based on honesty are not taken it is feared that all institutions would fail soon due to their corrupt practices, they warned.

ROBBERY: Three unknown persons looted Post Office Pind Makko in vicinity of Malkwal in broad daylight. The three armed persons entered the post office and looted cash amounting to Rs600,000 and fled away without any interference from the villagers. The post master reported the occurrence to Malakwal Police Station and got the FIR registered against unknown bandits.