I am a resident of Islamabad and I am hereby writing in your esteemed newspaper to bring about a distressful situation, locales of Islamabad are facing whenever they have to worry about burying their dear ones; once they are dead. It is solely because of the miserable condition of the graveyards of Islamabad.

Graveyards in Islamabad are in shambles because of impassion of the concerned authorities and infringements by the land mafia who have constructed shops, workshops and houses in graveyards territory. Residents of distinctive zones of Islamabad claimed that they find utmost difficulty in searching for a place in graveyard. They said that they now even cannot discover a place to bury their dead bodies but they have to use some influential person’s reference to get a place in the burial ground. Moreover they added that city administration announced to hold on a survey of graveyards in order to have a bird eye view of all the problems encountered by the residents. However the studies haven’t been led yet. Once Chief Minister Punjab (Mian Shahbaz Sharif) did announce a budget for the renovation and redefining of the graveyards boundary, but that was being consumed on a city metro project.

Despite all this the CDA authority is not paying regard to the upkeep of the cemetery, bringing about expansion in the series of disrespectfulness of the graves. Through your newspaper I urge government to take quick actions in regard to arranging a survey of all the graveyards in Islamabad especially of the H-8 graveyard for it being the most feasible graveyard for people of Islamabad and precautionary measures should be taken at the earliest to vacate the graveyards from the land mafia.


Islamabad, December 14.