Pakistan lost its second wing (The East Pakistan, now Bangladesh) on the day of today, 16 December 1971, due to the wrong decisions of the national policy makers. But, sad to say, the country is yet passing by the same kind of troubles and the dilemma of provincial autonomy stands intact since long. The international powers, including the eternal enemy Pakistan, are in rush to destabilize the country through exploiting the federating units’ reservations regarding their rightful demands such as equitable share in annual NFC award, the national status of the ancient regional languages and putting an ever-lasting end, bye the national assembly of Pakistan, on the rumor of constructing Kalabag Dam which has already been rejected by the assemblies of the units except Punjab.

However, the separatist bent of mind of the nationalist handful groups paves way for the anti-state elements which has been working since the inception to undo Pakistan. The sense of deprivation of the rights foments the people of provinces and the integrity of the country is caused to go in tatters. Thus, the recurrence of historical grievances to the small provinces must be combated. The policy makers who are no doubt well wishers of the country must review their standards of policy-forming set for the consolidation of Pakistan. So that, there should not be something bad certain to happen owing to the repetition of the mistakes of the past.


Larkana, December 15.