Dubai - Former Pakistan captain Aamer Sohail has said that Pakistan Cricket Board has taken gamble with Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that PSL is a success," said the dashing left-handed opening batsman who scored 2,823 runs in 47 Tests. "It should be a success because Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is taking a huge risk. It's like a gamble.”

"The thing is in the Emirates we have seen people turn up only for T20 matches when international teams play and that too is not very often. So to attract crowds to the grounds cricket has to be extremely, extremely exciting otherwise people here are the working class and they turn up only on weekends. So it's a risk which PCB has taken but I'm hopeful that it will be a success," added the 49-year-old,” he added.

Commenting on the Masters Champions League (MCL) for which he is a commentator for a TV channel, Aamer said: "It's a very good initiative because after retirement, not all of the players, but few of them used to stay in touch with the game from the sidelines. Now, here is a platform and an opportunity for them to be active and at the same time keep on teaching the youngsters how the things are supposed to be done. "I think it's a good avenue for the retired players and also an initiative for them to keep playing the game, stay healthy, fit and all that."

“However, the poor attendance at the venues seem to be a cause for concern but Aamer feels it's a matter of time before the interest among spectators picks up. "I think the interest will pick up because initially people did have apprehensions about these retired players - there won't be any intensity out there but look at the intensity what we have seen in the last couple of matches which were very closely fought. "So I think those apprehensions are slowly disappearing now. I think in the next three to four games there will be more involvement from the people,” he added.

"Also, we have received information that there is a good viewership on television for this series so it will be nice if people turned up at the ground as it will create a nice ambience for the cricketers,” Aamer asserted.

When queried about the upcoming T20 World Cup to be played in India and which team was the favourite to win it, he said without batting an eyelid, -- India. "India is the only country that won a World Cup in their home conditions otherwise it has not happened. India are doing well, they have the resources.”

"On the other hand, Pakistan, in my opinion, if their batsmen are able to play consistently good cricket rather than play with a mindset of hitting sixes and boundaries on every delivery and if they do the basics right then Pakistan has the bowling to upset the opposition and win the World Cup," he added.

Talking of bowling, one couldn't avoid but ask him about Mohammad Amir's return to the team. "Well, when Amir didn't perform there was a lot of criticism that he has been rushed into it, but you have given him a chance to make a comeback so you have to support him. Talent is there it's just a matter of giving him time and confidence. And he is coming good. So the Pakistan think-tank and those in charge of the team should be happy that Amir is a match-winner for them," he added.