Citizens deprived of gold ornaments, cash and other valuables in various dacoity and theft incidents.

At Ali Pur, armed men intercepted Akif and his wife and snatched gold ornaments, Rs. 37,000 and cell phone, Saeed was also deprived of Rs22,000 and cell phone at the same location, in Sadar Kamoke area robbers looted Rs22,000 and a cell phone from Ansar, at Eman Abad bandits snatched Rs15,000 and a cell phone from Shabbir, at Gakhar Mandi dacoits looted Rs27,000 and two cell phones from Maqsood, at Nowshera Virkan Khalil deprived of Rs37,000 and cell phone by armed men.

In Sadar Gujranwala police station limits, armed men snatched Rs8,000 and cell phone from Qaisar, at Qila Didar Singh robbers looted Rs12,000 and two cell phones from Attique, in Peoples Colony dacoits took away Rs13,000 and two cell phones from Haider, at Dhulley Naveed deprived of Rs7,000 and cell phone by dacoits, In Kotwali area armed men snatched Rs16,000 and two cell phones from Sumera, in Dhulley armed men snatched Rs9 ,000 from Imran. In Baghbanpura, armed men took away a new motorcycle from Hamayun on gun point. In various theft incidents applied for motorcycles of Asif, Ashraf, Kashif, Haroon, Shafiq and Babar were stolen from different parts of the city.