Islamabad-It was a complete package of fun and food. The newly arrived Nicolas Frangos, President of the Hospitality Division Hashoo Group, invited the crème de la crème of the capital to experience an evening of hospitality at the Marquee, Marriott Hotel Islamabad.

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They called it ‘An Affair’ to discover the ‘Savoir Faire’ and essential ingredients of the recipe of Hashoo hotels originality. 

The reception was arranged at the pool side whereas the sit down dinner in the Marquee hall. The winter chill after sunset had settled-in but the political conversation and the exchange of dialogue at the open door pool side had kept the air warm.

The story of the gifted Trojan horse, Panamagate case were making rounds at the reception, but the darling of the evening was President Trump. An American senior official working for an NGO opened his heart out while disagreeing with the Trump’s style of governance.

“His labour secretary has been against labour laws, his education secretary has condemned existing education policies, his health and social services secretary is not in favour of social security to begin with and the list goes on,” the frustrated US national informed.

Ambassador from a European Union member state was more interested in doing a comparison between Trump and Nawaz Sharif. “Both have inherited business from their fathers, both have multiplied the wealth manifolds and both of them like to build roads and bridges and highways, not to mention the similarities in interference of family members in politics as well as governance; so there are a lot of commonalities between the two. I think they both can benefit from each other’s experiences,” advised the ambassador. 

The canopy bites had by now have shrivelled and guests were done with tête-à-tête. It was time to move in the Marquee hall which was beautifully and elegantly decorated for the occasion. Round tables for eight, three sets of glasses, shiny silverware, and glass candles, guests were in for a royal treat. The lady seated next to me was an ex-journalist who belonged to US but French by birth. Once I introduced myself to my neighbour, Donald Trump must have fetched a jar of water for his hiccups and let me add Putin too in here.  The journalist in her was reborn. Starting from Hilary Clinton’s first email leaks to Wiki leaks,   from Trumps bigotries, misogamy to his divisive temperament and women platitudes, she was on fire. Aiming her guns on Putin, she believed that he has hacked US elections and now going to do the same in France where already the rooster has come to roast as the leading Conservative Presidential frontrunner, Francois Fillon is now involved in a nepotism scandal just as the country is inching towards elections in Spring; It seems for him its already Autumn.

“Putin wants Marine Le Pen of the National Front party to win the elections,” the prognosticator in her claimed. She possessed a repository of political knowhow. Why is the world so obsessed with Trump I wonder!

We covered everything under the sun in the international political arena by the time, the master of ceremony, Natasha also known as Natty started to request the audience to unfold the menu rolled in a butter paper on the tables.

Grilled eggplant roll with Halloumi cheese accompanied with a smoked salmon and strawberry timbale, red black cod in lime butter sauce and king prawn which can be dethroned to a prince as per the size. The seafood lovers were in heaven. Velvet Clementine’s sorbet, beef tenderloin aromatized with crushed Madagascar Red pepper and Balsamic gravy for those with a penchant for meat, couldn’t have asked for more. A range of desserts from Chocolate nugget with honey malt ice-cream to Raspberry Balm and homemade Belgian Pralines, it was a treasure trove for the guests with sweet-tooth.

Clad in black dinner attire, she gave a rundown of Hashoo Group before moving on to invite the host Nicolas Frangos. The half French/half Greek Chairman thanked everyone for coming over and promised an exciting time ahead as his experience will contribute in enhancement of the hospitality division as the group embarks on new projects infusing excitement and entertainment for both domestic and international guests.

After a few brief speeches, the evening was all set to roll as Huma Naz, a famous Kathak dancer dressed in a glistening multi-color costume appeared on the stage for her performance. Her piece was based on a girl waiting for her groom to arrive.

She coherently conveyed the message through her body movements and facial expressions, leaving everyone smitten by her performance

As the sumptuous gastronomical journey continued so did the entertainment part. Naz’s mesmerizing performance was followed by a musical extravaganza. The band with a female vocalist enthralled the diplomats, bureaucrats. She sang a Michael Jackson number and the famous hit of the 60’s Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood taking the audience back on a memory lane. It was indeed a night to remember.