Police officers on Saturday revealed that slain Lyari gangster Baba Ladla had escaped to Iran on his national identity card several times.

Investigating the documents and cards of the suspect, police came to know that Baba Ladla was possessing an ID card despite criminal record. It was also learnt that he used to enter Pakistan from different secret and illegal ways along with huge cache of weapons.

Sources told that the suspect visited Karachi from Chabahar area however, the purpose of his arrival is yet to be ascertained.

Earlier on February 2, Rangers conducted a raid in Phoolpatti Lane on an intelligence and killed Baba Ladla and his two accomplices Sikandar aka Sikko and Yaseen aka Mama.

One security official was also wounded in the shootout. Rangers officials had also recovered large quantity of arms from the dead accused.

Baba Ladla had gone into hiding when Karachi operation was started. He was also commanding a gang war group in Karachi.

Baba Ladla was wanted by the police in more than 100 serious offences including murder, attempted murder, extortion and kidnapping for ransom. Government had set prize money of Rs 2.5 million over his head