CHAGAI: At least 60 persons, including a bride and groom, went missing while they were heading towards Nushki from Chagai, last night.

It is reported that, a person who managed to arrive in Nushki on foot stated that the procession, which was coming in six vehicles, stopped at Zaro on their way to Nushki.

The person had arrived in Nushki on foot to look for help.

However, levies confirmed that the man who had managed to make it to Nushki on foot, also disappeared and was missing after he went to look for his relatives stranded at Nushki.

The procession was on their way home to Nushki from the wedding and were aboard six vehicles in all.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Nushki, the procession had gotten stuck in Nushki. According to him, the area was difficult to travel in since there was a lot of murky water there.

He informed that vehicles had been dispatched to help out the persons stuck in Bitti.