TOBA TEK SINGH/SAMBRIAL-A large number of activists belonging to different parties and organisations took out protest rallies after Juma prayer against the detention of Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Saeed.

In Toba Tek Singh, a rally was taken out after Jumma prayers at Malkanwala Chowk in Gojra.

The participants were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans, demanding early release of the JuD chief. Addressing the participants, the speakers said that Hafiz Saeed and the other JuD leaders were detained only to please American and Indian authorities. “By detaining Hafiz Saeed, the government has damaged the Kashmir cause,” they said.

In Sambrial, the Jamaatud Dawa took out a rally against the house arrest of its chief Hafiz Saeed here after Friday prayers. According to details, the rally started from Sambrial Morr and ended at Sambrial Press Club after going through Sialkot Dry Port Chowk. The rally was led by Imran Alvi, Abdul Rasheed Badianvi and Qari Nassrullah. Hundreds of people participated in the rally including those on cars, jeeps, motorcycle and on foot, carrying placards and banners.

Addressing the participants, Abdul Rasheed Badianvi and Qari Nassrullah said that the Jamaatud Dawa is following the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and dreams of Allama Iqbal, adding that the government, under pressure from America and India, is harassing the JuD to keep their personal ties cordial. They said that India can’t impede Kashmir’s freedom movement.

Protesters chanted slogans in favour of the freedom of Kashmir and said that they will not stop their struggle until Kashmir is freed from Indian occupation.