LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders yesterday reiterated their resolve to defended ruling Sharif family on the issue of Panama leaks.

At the workers convention Alhamra Cultural Complex, they announced defying the decision of the ‘minority’ of their political rivals and credited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the ongoing progress and development of the country.

The convention was attended by ministers, party legislators, local body reps, workers including women, sending a messaging of show of support to their leadership to the opposition.

The convention also carried a resolution reposing  full confidence in the leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif, endorse his policies and praise the ‘revolutionary steps’ taken for the development and the progress of the country.

MNA Hamza Shehbaz Sharif said in his key note that his family was grilled about its assest during the eight rule of Pervez Musharraf but nothing was found out. “I myself appeared before NAB repeatedly and came to know that the then bureau chief was pressurised by Musharraf to find out proof of corruption against Sharifs,” Hamza told his charged supporters who were continuously to waving party flags and shouting pro Nawaz slogans.

He went on to say: “Nawaz Sharif made the country atomic power and its defence invincible. But Musharraf dubbed him terrorist and handcuffed him ignoring all his service to the country. Bhutto nationalized their business concerns, his grandfather through hard work reestablish his business. I take pride in family struggle and love to be called as son of a worker.” Taking swipe at PTI chief Imran Khan, Hamza said Imran Khan, who wanted accountability of the N leaders, was flanked by fraudsters and accused Khan of attempting to fail CPEC project. He claimed billion of dollars were being invested through CPEC and Khan wanted to make this mega project controversial like Kalabagh Dam.

But, added that PM Nawaz through his acumen and wisdom did not let it become controversial and carried it out with the consensus of all.

He asked Imran Khan to be ‘sensible’ and let the government serve the masses.

 “You supported Mushrraf in referendum for the sake becoming prime minister. You alleged the elections were rigged, used abusive language against the N leaders and staged protest but failed” he said referring to PTI chief.

He said the dream of becoming PM could only be realized through public service and winning their heart –  which Nawaz Sharif has done.

Hamza said in 2018, loadshedding would end and the rivals would be wiped out through the public vote. The PML-N leader also invited attention of Imran khan to the corruption in Khyber PK particularly in the award of marble contracts

Railways Minster Kh Saad Rafiq said: “We know how to work and do politics and how to deal with the rivals. Character assassination of the N leadership is being done. A person is hurling abuses on us but our focus is national development and public welfare. Our supporters wanted us to reply but we are exercising restraint.”

The railways minister counted his government’s feat saying that peace was restored to Karachi and Balochistan and the country was eliminated.

Saad praised the Punjab government under Shehbaz Sharif and listed KP and Sindh standing nowhere on development chart.

 “Progress, development and modern vision are the brand name of PML-N, which has silenced the rivals. We are not the people who did fraud in the name of Aghaze Haqooq Balochstan. CPEC is pinching both Imran Khan and Modi.”

PMLO-N city president Muhammad Pervez Malik said workers braved jails during the time of Musharraf. The country has been put on the road to progress and development and $50bilion foreign investment speaks volumes of this fact.