OKARA/SADIQABAD-Citizens expressed grave concerns over indifference of the Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Limited (SNGPL) to address the public problems regarding low gas pressure which has left people unable to cook even meal at houses.

During a survey conducted by this correspondent, residents of different areas said that there is low gas pressure in Model Housing Society, Master Park, Amir Colony, Seth Colony, Sabri Colony, Samadpura and various other localities. They said that since the start of winter, gas pressure has utterly gone down. “Due to negligence of the local SNGPL authorities, the citizens are forced to purchase small gas cylinders and buy gas from decanters,” they regretted.

Last year in December, the decanters had set Rs120 for one kg gas while in January, the rate was risen to Rs135 per kg. They said that the administration has been fining decanters and sealing their shops for selling gas illegally but the citizens have no way out.

They informed that people have also installed compressors illegally at their houses which further lower the gas pressure. Earlier these compressors were ran on electricity but recently small battery sets have been introduced in markets which pulled gas from pipes without electricity, they said, regretting the SNGPL authorities has taken no action against those involved in the illegal practice. Citizens demanded the SNGPL authorities to take notice of the situation and take effective steps to address their problems.

When contacted, SNGPL District Manager Zafar Mehmood said that in the SNGPL records, no complaint exists regarding low gas pressure in the city. “However, gas supply to several areas is intentionally being kept low as pipelines have got rusted and there is a danger of their leakage or blast,” he informed.


In Sadiqabad, a large number of women staged a protest in front of the SNGPL office against overbilling despite prolonged gas outages here.

The women chanted slogans against the SNGPL officials and blocked Zorkot Road for traffic. Talking to media, women from Madina Colony, Haider Colony, Arain Colony, Zorkot Colony and Syed Town said despite conducting prolonged gas outages in these areas, the SNGPL officials charge high gas bills from them. They warned the officials to mind their ways, otherwise they will be forced to stage citywide massive protests.

The protesting women dispersed after being assured by the SNGPL high-ups of addressing their problems.