KASUR- Residents of Mochipura have been deprived of electricity due to non-functioning of electricity transformer for the last eight days.

According to the report of a survey conducted by this correspondent, residents of Mochipura said that supply of electricity has been suspended to the area for the last eight days due to non-functioning of the electricity transformer. They said that power suspension has caused severe problems for them, crippling daily chores of the life in the area. They said that the power suspension has created scarcity of water which has left the people with no other choice but to buy water for drinking. They alleged that the Lesco officials have received Rs20,000 from the residents in the name of repair to the transformer, but still no remedy appeared on the ground. “They are demanding more money which has put repair to transformer in doldrums,” they added.

They demanded the Kasur Deputy Commissioner and Lesco high-ups to look in the matter and address their problems at the earliest.