December 25 is of great significance for Pakistan. On this day, while a large part of the world celebrates Christmas, the nation celebrates the anniversary of its founding father, Quad-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In Pakistan, PTCL aired commercials highlighting its efforts towards connecting the nation. The short video clip had a patriotic fervour. In this globalised world, the telecommunication industry is of crucial importance. PTCL has made some efforts in improving the telecom services, however, a lot still remains to be desired. Better telecommunication services would not only connect the whole nation but would also be a step towards converting Quaid’s dream into reality. 

While the initiative may be applauded, I would like to suggest that PTCL should further gear its efforts towards improving network maintenance and operations. Furthermore, customer care services is also an area that needs attention and the company would be better served by catering to its customers. 


Karachi, January 4.