Islamabad - A young man was fatally shot by a police officer on Friday allegedly after failing to stop at a police check post in Sector I-10 of the capital, the police said.

Taimoor Riaz, son of Javed Riaz, a resident of Ayub Abad, Pir Wadhai Rawalpindi and father of two died on the spot while a female passenger was reported to be in safe condition. The incident took place around 3:30 am on Friday.

According to the police, both were crossing the police check post in a car bearing registration number IDL-4724 in early hours of Friday when the on-duty policemen of ‘Eagle Squad’ signalled them to stop however, Taimoor who was driving the car, sped off. Constable Samiullah opened fire at the moving vehicle due to which Taimoor Riaz died on the spot. He received a bullet in his head. Since then Samiullah and his colleague, Tariq are on the run, said the police. The police said that Samiullah fired at least three times. Police took the girl into custody for interrogation. Police said they had also initiated a search for the suspect. Police have recovered the official weapons of the two constables.

The killing in the sector bordering Rawalpindi sparked protest by the relatives of the deceased. Dozens of the protesters blocked IJ Principal Road to record their protest. The victim’s family dismissed the police statement and said there had been no prior warning or order to stop before the cop opened fire. The relatives of the deceased staged protest by placing Taimoor’s body on the crime scene and demanded his killer be arrested. The protesters also set the police check post on fire. The protesters later dispersed after negotiations with the police officials.

The Sabzi Mandi police, on the complaint of the deceased’s brother, Sajid Riaz, have registered a case against the police officials under Section 302/34 PPC. Sources in the police said that CCTV footage, if available, would be seen to ascertain the facts after Taimoor’s father said that the personnel had opened fire on the vehicle without signalling it to stop. A high official of the capital police, when asked, said that the SOP does not allow a person in uniform to open straight fire on somebody when he is fleeing. “He can open fire if he is dead sure that the individual is a terrorist or he may cause loss to his life,” he said.  Commenting on the instant incident, the official said the cop should have fired in the air or have burst tyre of the vehicle to stop it. Meanwhile, police high ups suspended SHO Sabzi Mandi, Saleem Iqbal Shah for negligence and appointed Inspector Asjad Mahmood as new head of the police station.