Lahore is an ancient city with splendid monuments, historical places, many special cultural features and sights, attractive accommodation and entertainment facilities. In order to revive tourism in the historical city, the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab introduced the nation’s first tourist double-decker bus service to allow people to experience Lahore and view the magnificent sites in the city. This sightseeing bus service is likely to cover two new routes. The first route starts from Terminal-I Football Stadium to Wagah Border via Jallo Botanical Gardens and second route to Greater Iqbal Park. 

This initiative by the government will certainly breathe new life into the tourism industry of the province thus generating revenue which consequently will strengthen the economy. Due to the untiring efforts of the government, Punjab in particular and Pakistan as a whole is heading towards peace and stability. The day when Pakistan will once again become a favourite tourist destination for the many around the world is not far. 


Lahore, January 4.