The Chingchi Auto Rickshaw Drivers in Karachi run their auto by their own will; and, the recalcitrant drivers decide when to run the auto or not. Despite the fact that they have a designated route, they decide where to go. And, when the city faces weekly CNG closure, they charge double or thrice of the actual fare. The decision of passengers’ selection is also in their hand, who will sit in the auto and who’ll not. 

The moor awful fact is Karachiites are facing unethical behaviour of Rickshaw Drivers. Most of them are ill-natured; they humiliate the passengers any time. With obstreperous and untrained drivers, bad conditioned auto with loud music, no regularisation seen yet, the economic hub of the country looks like an orphan city. 

The CJ should take suo motu action not only for the regularisation of the transport issue. Along with this, the conduct of drivers should also be discussed. 


Karachi, January 16.