Pakistan Post, under Murad Saeed’s leadership, has brought to light several transformative measures which are said to give the country’s postal service a major boost. The post office which has been rather sluggish in previous years is exhibiting a newfound energy which is reflected in the announcements of the new mobile application for its users, the export marketing service, setting up of micro financing options for small businesses and proclaimed entry into the logistics sector.

It is commendable that in a short span of time, the government is already focusing on bettering underutilized national resources. In this time of change, the courier industry can really benefit if the national entity turns to private courier and logistics providers and joins hands with them. This will serve as the doorway to an exchange of expertise, development of services and more sophisticated solutions that would not only create wider choices for an average consumer but also become an impetus for innovation within the industry. Private companies have raised the standards of the industry and it is now high time that Pakistan Post works towards matching that in terms of service delivery and investment in existing infrastructures.

Moreover, the government’s postal services and local courier companies could perhaps collaboratively work towards a culture of improvement within the industry. This would definitely open doors for the adoption of best practices and more efficient services for an average consumer. Other benefits may include more reliable services and prevention of duplication of multiple networks. This public-private model can in fact construct a solid mechanism that will only enrich the industry.


Karachi, January 18.