Rawalpindi -   The residents of Chaklala Cantonment Board (RCB) have urged the authorities to launch drive against stray dogs as a large number of dogs in different areas have become a constant trouble for the residents.

Incidents of dog bite have also been reported in CCB areas due to non initiation of any operation against the stray dogs by the relevant quarters.

The residents particularly the children, women and aged persons cannot go outside their homes even in day time.

“We cannot send our children to their schools alone and we have to accompany them up to pick and drop point,” said a house wife.

The dogs can be seen on roads and streets of CCB areas, particularly Tahli Mori, Ghosia Chowk, Gulshan Shafi and adjoining areas.

The residents of the areas while talking to APP said that they are not only scared to walk on the roads and streets but many of us are not letting their children play outside.

“The number of stray dogs in our area is increasing rapidly for the last several months”, said Nadeem Qaiser a resident.

He said there was no proper planning to purge the area of these stray dogs.

“The dogs are usually seen around garbage heaps during the day, while they wandering on roads and streets at night”, said another resident.