Rawalpindi -   The encroachment mafia as per routine, ruling the commercial areas of city and cantonment boards as the administration has failed to clear roads, bazaars and footpaths and the encroachments are creating hurdles for pedestrians and the motorists.

  Despite tall claims of the Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR), District Council and Cantonment authorities to clear several city and cantonment areas of encroachments, the encroachers have reoccupied the roads and footpaths displaying their goods outside their shops.

  The Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi , District Council and Cantonment authorities launched a grand anti-encroachment drive during last quarter of 2018 to clear the commercial areas.

  The dozen of truckload goods of encroachers were also confiscated.

The district administration also started campaign to retrieve the land of the Evacuee Trust Property Board and the Auqaf Department but it was also stopped after few days due to political pressure.

  Similarly, the administration of the cantonment boards, Chaklala and Rawalpindi, could not remove encroachments from cantt areas. The encroachments can be witnessed in almost all commercial areas including Raja Bazaar, Bara Bazaar, Trunk Bazaar, China Market, Iqbal Road, City Saddar Road, Mochi Bazaar, Dalgaran Bazaar, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Commercial Market, Banni, Jamia Masjid Road, Circular Road, Bani Chowk, Asghar Mall Road, Faizabad, Double Road, Pirwadhai, Dhoke Mangtal, Dhoke Ratta, Gangmandi, Adiala Road, Murree Road, Tench Bhatta, Chungi no 22, Chur, Lal Kurti, Sher Zaman, Tulsa Road, Allabad Road, Saddar Bazaar, Hathi Chowk, Railway Road, Chota Bazaar and Westridge Road.

The traffic remains stand still in these areas while pedestrians also face difficulties.

  According to a MCR spokesperson, the officials are trying to remove encroachments from all areas.

A grand operation was launched for Liaquat Bagh to Chandni Chowk areas and hundreds of sheds, cemented construction, temporary and permanent encroachments were removed.

  The anti-encroachment team conducted the operation in other areas and took action in accordance with the law and encroachers.

He said that the Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi  team is conducting operation on daily basis to clean the city areas. 

According to the citizens, nobody could remove encroachments from the city areas as the concerned enforcement staff of Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi  is allegedly taking ‘monthly’ from encroachment mafia.

Secondly, political leaders are fully backing encroachment mafia only to save their support and votes, they said.

The vendors and stall holders of different bazaars in city and cantonment board localities claimed that they give ‘bribe’ to the officials therefore nobody can remove them from bazaars.