Raghay is one the most beautiful places in district Washuk in Baluchistan. Unfortunately, it has been deprived of its fundamental facilities. What are fundamental facilities actually? For instance, education, health etc. But the citizens do not have access to these very basic facilities. Furthermore, the population is more than 7 lakhs but there is just one primary school in the district, and even that is closed on most days. A great personality said that education is the only weapon which can change the entire world. On the other hand, health facilities are lacking in the district. There is not a signal hospital in this district. The residents belong to poor families and they don’t have enough income to send their children to other cities for education. Most of the teenagers are uneducated, and become victims of smoking, drinking, drug abuse and eventually suicide. Majority of the people in the districy are involved in agricultural activities but due to lack of water availability they are suffering. So, I request government of Baluchistan to provide us all with fundamental necessities to secure the futures of people of Raghay.


Washuk, January 17.