ISLAMABAD - First flight from China, after resuming of the flight operations between the two countries, landed at the Islamabad airport Monday morning carrying 143 passengers including 12 Chinese nationals.

However, all the passengers were screened to check whether any of them have symptoms of corona virus before leaving the airport.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Health Services (NHS) Dr. Zafar Mirza and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing told the media at a joint press conference here that about the latest situation regarding the corona virus situation in China.

The Chinese envoy said that after restoration of flights around 80 percent of Pakistan nationals will be able to return.

“All students and businessman are free to move except residing in Hubei province which has been shut down to control the outbreak of corona virus,” he said.

He said that to control the virus outbreak, China had extended the spring holidays and restricted the movement in Hubei and Wuhan.

He said that Pakistan nationals in Hubei are being provided with food and other commodities and there is no shortage of any item for people in Wuhan markets.

He said as the Pakistani government and citizens are concerned about their countrymen in China, he informed that Pakistan nationals are being treated like ‘friends’ in looking after them.

“We are confident and determined to overcome this challenge for Chinese, world and its friends,” he said.

Ambassador Yao Jing said that President of Pakistan, Prime Minister and foreign minister have talked to Chinese authorities and are standing with the Chinese government in this critical situation.

He said that 578 Pakistani nationals are in Wuhan and they are being ‘well attended’ there like people of all other countries are being taking cared.

He said that in China 17000 cases of the corona virus have been confirmed, 2100 suspected cases are reported while 361 people died.

“But we are not allowing Hubei province residents to leave,” he said.

He said that all Chinese reaching Pakistan will be monitored and scrutinized carefully by different associations including overseas and students association.

Appreciating the Pakistan government’s efforts in controlling the spread and cooperation with the Chinese government, he said that the corona virus is a war against humanity and a global challenge and Chinese experts are working to cope with it.

SAPM Dr. Mirza informed that all travellers reaching Pakistan from China with 14-day travel history from China are reaching after spending 14 days incubation period and screening from the departure and arrival airports.

He said that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been notified on all airports and entry, exit points while special teams have been dispatched to all provinces as well.

He said that seven Pakistani and Chinese nationals are under observation on being suspect of the corona virus are recovering while students confirmed with the virus in China are also in better health.

About the arrival of passengers, he said that all were monitored and no one was found suspect of the virus. He reiterated that no Chinese or Pakistani national can leave China until he spends 14 days disease free period there.

He also repeated that there is no need of evacuation of Pakistan nationals from China as the Chinese government is taking every preventive measure for them and the World Health Organization (WHO) has also not recommended it.

He added that all passengers [Chinese and Pakistanis] are being given health declaration forms to get there travel and medical history. Confirming the arrival of the corona virus diagnostic kits, he said that Pakistan after having the kits from two countries has become able to diagnose the virus now.

Avoiding giving details of the kits, he said that they are in limited quantity and they do not want to discuss about it but they are stored at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

He said that there is no vaccine for patients confirmed with the corona virus but its treatment is done through symptomatic procedure in isolation and patients recovered from this self limiting disease after their immune system recovers to fight flue, fever and cough.

About the restriction on trade activity, the SAPM on health said that the WHO International Health Regulations 2005 emergency committee on the corona virus has not imposed any restriction on travel and trade with China and other member states.